[Pre-order]1/18 Water Margin Action Figure Chinese Traditional Classical Figures Xiebao PVC Model Toy

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    Super movable design, can pose various shapes, but paying attention to playing multiple times may cause the joints to loosen. If you need to disassemble, it is recommended to soak in warm water for 20-30 minutes, and then disassemble after the material softens.


     All the pictures in this store are real pictures, which may be caused by different monitors Slight chromatic aberration; some characters have tattoos, and paint spillage or peeling is inevitable during the production process, which is not a quality problem, please be careful when shooting.


     All accessories are independent individuals, can be exchanged and played, and there is a very small chance of appearing The accessories are bent and deformed. If you accidentally win a lottery, you can also use hot air to straighten and shape it.

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